Hassle-free compliance accounting.

VAT? TAX? Payroll? Don’t worry we do it all and more. We take care of everything for you and keep you in the loop. You simply focus on your business operation.

Step by Step Process


Receive our notification (We send out periodical reminders to let you know that we need your documents and which documents we need)

Send us your documents (use our prepaid mailing envelopes, upload to our onedrive cloud or simply drop them off at our offices)

Relax - We’ll take care of the rest (Never miss a deadline again. We'll process your documents, submit your returns and provide you with the payment options.)

What’s Included

Compliance Reminder System

Our system notifies you in advance when deadlines fall due so it doesn’t come unexpected.

When compliance payments fall overdue, our monitoring system ensures that interest payments are kept to a minimum.

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Automated systems

Our internal systems are automated as much as possible but all services have a human touch to them.

This means that we don’t leave it entirely to the systems, but always review the results to confirm accuracy and understand the client’s business to provide advice on moving forward. Therefore there will always be a human overlooking client’s performance and opportunities.

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Legal Compliance

Our main areas in Legal compliance are VAT, (SSC/NI) Social Security Contributions/National Insurance, and Tax returns.

Our compliance support is available over the phone or by email. Queries are usually tackled same day depending on the extent of the query. (office hours)

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Document Filing System

All documents are referenced to our system to make document retrieval easy for up to 10 years.

When documents are returned to client, they are gathered together in an organised manner and ready for storage.

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Document Collection

Designed to keep it simple. Save time with our prepaid mailing system or chose any of our other options.

Mail your documents using our prepaid envelops, upload them through our online portal or drop them off at our office. All options come standard with all packages. Collection directly from your place of business is also possible at an extra cost.

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Monthly Reporting

On a basic package, standard reports are prepared annually for delivery to the client.

More detailed and tailor made reports are available upon request. The additional cost will vary depending on the detail and frequency of the reports.

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“Without the team at Core Executive, I would not have been able to fully focus on my craft and be the best at what I do. They are easy to work with and are extremely professional... For me personally, they are an extension of my company.”

Andrew Randon

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Get your accounts up to date and keep them that way!

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Government Compliance can be a headache when you should be focused on satisfying your clients. Our reminder systems and effective processes will keep you in line so you never miss a deadline. Focus on taking your business forward.


Self – employment can be overwhelming with all the areas you need to deal with.  Let us take care of the compliance administration so you can focus on the other areas of importance.  Our consultancy can also help you run your self-employment as a business. Take your business to the next level.


All our packages are scalable to the size of your business.  Start off with our basic package which is a foundation to all our larger packages and upgrade as your business grows.  We will also keep you in line with all government compliance. We can help you get there.


Government compliance can set you back on improving your service delivery and time management.  With our systems you can remove that burden and put your mind at ease. We can also provide you with tailored tools for costing out your jobs as well as managing your time.